Maya Jama joins Savera UK Youth for ‘honour’-based abuse quiz

TV presenter Maya Jama joined Savera UK Youth on Friday 31 July to host a youth-led quiz speaking out against ‘honour’-based abuse (HBA).

The online quiz was the part of Savera UK Youth’s activity throughout July to mark the National Day of Memory, established in 2015 on the birthday of Shafilea Ahmed, an A-Level student from Warrington who was murdered by her parents in 2003 for refusing a marriage.

The event included a quiz with true or false questions to test the knowledge of the audience and raise awareness about harmful and hidden traditional practices, as well as poetry written and performed by Savera UK Youth and inspiring survivor stories from Payzee Mahmod, IKWRO ambassador and Kiara Mohamed, Savera UK Survivor Ambassador.

The Savera UK Youth Advisory Board developed the event to empower young people by providing information about the risks of HBA and encouraging them speak out and seek help for themselves and others.

Speaking after the event, Maya Jama said: “The event was so inspirational and informative. Hearing about the work Savera UK Youth do and listening to Payzee and Kiara’s survivor stories really brought home how important it is that young people use their voices to speak out against harmful practices. I am so proud to be an ambassador for Savera UK and would like to thank them for their continued work to raise awareness.”

Vice Chair, Isabelle Rooke-Ley said: “For Savera UK Youth, every day is an opportunity to #speakout against practices such as FGM, “honour”-based abuse and forced marriage – in the hope of eradicating these practices. We would like to thank Maya Jama for hosting the quiz and for Kiara and Payzee for sharing their stories and encouraging others to seek help.”

Savera UK CEO & Founder, Afrah Qassim, added: “Savera UK Youth has delivered another successful and inspiring event. It is so important that other young people know their rights and also where to go for help and support if they are at risk of HBA or any other harmful traditional practices. The youth are the future and empowering them through peer-to-peer events like this will bring us closer to eradicating these practices. I am proud of all that they have achieved and look forward to their next project.”

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