Once I was a journalist. Then I was in PR. Now I'm what I've always been - a professional storyteller nikki icon

A business is built on relationships

About Me

Telling, reading and sharing stories is at the heart of building relationships and an emotional connection. It’s that emotional bond that will speak to your audience, regardless of sector or demographic.

I have spent my professional life finding and telling stories that have impact, from filling the pages of national newspapers and magazines with amazing and emotive real-life tales and tackling challenging topics as a ghostwriter, to selling the services of corporate businesses through positive and thought-provoking media coverage.

Whether you’re an individual with a message to share, an organisation with a mission to fulfil or a business with a product or service to sell, you have a story that is worth telling.

I’m here to help you find your story, capture your audience and start a brand new chapter...

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Some of the wonderful people I've worked with...

Gavin Sherratt Mashbo
“Nikki is a great asset to the Mashbo team bringing a wealth of experience and skill to our business. She has supported us with media coverage and the development of Mashbo marketing documents, helping us to tell our story and share knowledge about our software development service. Her ability to understand what we are doing as a business and to put our message across in a way that non-technical people can understand is amazing. She is a great storyteller.”
Jake Mills Chasing The Stigma
“Working with Nikki has been a breath of fresh air. Her experience and skill come second only to her enthusiasm and passion. With Nikki, I have always felt in capable hands. She totally invests in everything we do, she wants to truly understand our work in order to get the best out of her work. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Nikki to anybody looking for help and support with PR and marketing.”
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